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Last Updated: 09/03/2020

We’re gonna keep this brief, ‘kay? We want you to get back to commenting, discussing and engaging with our content.

First of all – have fun! We want to harbour a friendly, supportive community here and promote discussions of all types. We greatly appreciate comments and take the time to reply to many of them personally.

You can pretty much talk about and comment what you want, with only a few restrictions. Swearing is permitted, though we would generally prefer that you didn’t. The site can (and has) attracted some younger readers, so we would like to keep things (mostly) family friendly. Use your common sense though. In some cases, depending on the article’s nature and subject matter, it may be more appropriate to swear, if you feel that it’s necessary. Whatever. Have fun!

Posts of pornography, or links to pornographic websites are NOT permitted. Discussion on piracy is okay, but we do not allow actual links to pirate sites, or material.

And that’s about it! Again, use your common sense – please do not troll, flame or otherwise insult or attack people – the usual thing. If we think you’ve overstepped a little, we’ll usually reply to a comment, or contact you to let you know.


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