We Stand with Ukraine

Dear Friends,
It’s not often that we get political, or even discuss many real-world issues. The Lonely Outlet has and will generally continue to be focussed on providing an escape from those sorts of harsh realities…

But there are times when one simply can’t remain silent. We have been closely watching, reading about, and taking in everything that’s been happening these past few days, as Russia has attacked Ukraine. There is little that we can say, that has not already been said by those more eloquent and familiar in these matters. Nor is there much that we can say that will really help the terrible situation. So, we won’t take up much of your time. But we want everyone to know, that we stand with Ukraine – our hearts and thoughts go out to every Ukrainian person, family, and troop. As little as it is, you have our support and ongoing, personal donations to medical, Red Cross and Child-Support aid, until this whole nightmare is over. We urge you, dear reader, if you are able, to also consider doing what you can to help – be that donating monetarily, or just spreading the word.

Let’s hope and pray that everything works out, in the end, with as little life lost as possible.

Thank you.

– The Lonely Outlet Team

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