Nights with Lorenzo Sneak Peek… and minor Claymation Discussion

Dear Friends,
While we’re still organizing ourselves, writing and preparing content for daily postings, I thought you might be interested in getting a little sneak peek at the Nights with Lorenzo show! Just a couple of images for today, but more to come. I’ve always been interested in Claymation and trying my hand at it. At one point in time, I had scripted, storyboarded and created plasticine models for a short film, set around a haunted house. The main character was – get this – a skeleton. And his name – you’ll love this – was “Boney”! Very original right?

But of course, the problem always is that, like 2D animation, which I have also dabbled in, it takes a lot of time and effort. More so than putting together a magazine. At least for me. Whether or not you consider my work good, is another thing altogether, but I can relatively easily whip up a short article or two within… I don’t know – an hour? Maybe less? To even produce a solid minute of animation, however, can take me upwards of five hours. Which, given my schedule, is then spread out over several days. But I’ve still always enjoyed the process and would like to pursue some of these sorts of more creative projects. Long have I been haunted by the fact that what I do relies so heavily on the hard work and creativity of others – games, movies, books and the like. Despite what I’ve actually done, I’ve always aspired to do more. To be more.

Hey! It's me... Lorenzo!

And so, when I was contacted by DBC to create this new ‘Nights with Lorenzo’ show, I wanted it to be more than a mere “let’s play” show. Admittedly, the pilot series is basically just that, but I hope that I can start laying the groundwork for something more. But I guess we’ll just have to see. The big issue is that it was decided to make ‘Nights with Lorenzo’ a daily show. Yes, daily. A regular refuge to hang out with ol’ reliable Lorenzo and forget your worries for half an hour. The issue with this though, is that it is hard to create even small stop motion animations on the daily (at least considering that I still have my day job and the magazine to manage), so some concessions have to be made, which are still being worked out.

What I am primarily considering at the moment, is the give the “allusion” of stop motion, with my little clay head there acting as the “host” and moving around the screen, but without any real lip syncing or complex animation. I am envisioning something like Mystery Science Theatre 3000. At the very least, I feel that this will be easy enough to do daily, and gives the whole show a different feel and atmosphere to most other similar endeavours. But we shall see how things pan out. I’d still love to do some more interesting stuff with it, even if only from time to time. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts, dear reader! Be it down below in the comments section, or through our email.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for being there, friends. I love you all.

From your buddy,

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