Dave Sim’s ‘Strange Death of Alex Raymond’ Fundraiser Edition is Available to Order NOW

Disclaimer: I have previously backed Dave Sim’s ‘Cerebus Archives’ on Kickstarter, as well as his personal Patreon page (which I am still currently supporting).

Calling all Cerebus and/or Dave Sim fans! (In case you didn’t read the title) You can now order special copies of volume 1 of The Strange Death of Alex Raymond, the upcoming history and investigation of photorealism in comics (with a focus on artist, Alex Raymond). It’s been a long time coming, with a lot of starts, stops and bumps along the way, but it’s finally here! As many Sim fans know, he suffered a wrist injury and hasn’t been able to draw properly since February 2015. While he has done the occasional piece, he has not been able to create on any large-scale, certainly not enough to finish The Strange Death. Enter Carson Grubaugh, who stepped in to draw the art and enable the project to be fully realised. Or at least, get it one step closer to completion. Volume 1 is now done.

Art by Carson Grubaugh

As such, Sim and co. are now opening orders up to the public, for the first “Fundraiser Edition” of SDOAR, which was previously made available to Cerebus Archive Kickstarter backers and Patreon Supporters. The ‘Fundraiser Edition’ is to help gather funds to “assist with promotional expenses for the California Test-Market Edition”.

The regular retail edition is planned to be released in 2021 (but it depends on how things go), and will retail for around $20. This fundraiser edition is more expensive at $75USD, but comes with a personalised first page signed by both Sim and Grubaugh, will be released a year (or more) before the retail release and helps fund the future of the series.

Signed and personalised ‘Page One’, available with the Fundraiser Edition

If you’re interested, you have until May 31 to get orders in. For more details on exactly how to order, check out the post on A Moment of Cerebus!

What say you, dear reader? Interested in the Strange Death of Alex Raymond? Are you a fan of Cerebus? I know that Sim is a rather controversial figure, but I’ve always loved his work and he’s always more than delivered when it comes to past fundraisers. I will continue reporting on Sim, Cerebus and SDOAR as more details are released.

Regards from your friend in comics,

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