Laid-Back Camp Season 2 to Premiere in January 2021

Laid-Back Camp Season 2 Visuals

One of my favourite animes (or is it just ‘anime’?) of 2018 – scratch that, one of my favourite animes ever, Laid-Back Camp is set to return next year for some more relaxing, wholesome camping goodness. I can’t wait. Two new visuals have been released (shown above), and the show looks as good as ever! Man, I love it. How can a mere 12 episodes leave such an impact?

 It’s a rather slow paced offering, but if you’re in the mood for a… laid-back (I’m sorry) anime with fun characters set in the Great Japanese Outdoors, then you’re in for a treat! Even if that doesn’t sound like your normal sorta thing, I’d recommend still giving an episode or two a go. You may find it better than expected, you never know!

Anyway, Sound off in the comments below and give me more reasons why this anime is so great. Detractors will be burned (joking).


All the best,

Wil Peterson
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