Nier Mobile Game ‘Re[in]carnation’ Gameplay Trailer Released

Did I ever mention that Nier has a new mobile game coming out (originally announced at the same time as the Nier ‘Upgrade’)? What? I didn’t?! Oh, well now you know! Honestly, when this new mobile sequel/spin-off/whatever was mentioned, I didn’t take too much notice. I’m not really a big mobile gamer, and while I can concede that there are many good phone-games, I didn’t expect too much here. I figured it would probably just be another cheap, cash-grab capitalising on the Nier name… But now that this new trailer has been released, I’m much more… optimistic? Of course, we only see just over a minute of gameplay, hardly enough to make much of an informed judgement, but it certainly looks a lot better than I expected. Perhaps more importantly, it actually looks like a Nier game (actually – if anything, I’d say it resembles Fumito Ueda’s Ico a lot – which is good!). The graphics and environment look beautiful and the music – or at least the one song played, is phenomenal! Even if the game is utter crap, it may well be worth it, just for the new music.

Man, phone games have come a long way. A really long way! I remember when the best you could get was something like this:

Image from Wallpapers Wide

Sometimes though… I long for those simpler times. Those relatively carefree days, where ‘Snake’ actually was your biggest concern.

In any case, it’s probably still too early to say much about the upcoming game, and we don’t know if it will have gatcha elements, but hey! Count me just that bit more excited! What do you think of the trailer? Are you interested in Nier Re[in]carnation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! As always, we appreciate your support.


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Adrian Treeble
Adrian Treeble
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