The ‘Wire’ Music Magazine Makes its Archive FREE for this week!

"Read it on whatever device you want!"
“Read it on whatever device you want!”

The independent British music magazine, the Wire, has granted us poor, lowly, locked-down folk access to their online archives for this week. That’s 430 issues of gloriously highfalutin news, reviews and discussion of music and bands that you’ve likely never heard of! It’s actually a very good magazine,  definitely worth checking out, and if you like it, consider supporting them!

The Wire (though ‘the’ never appears in the magazine masthead), is a strange little mag. Whenever I’ve read an issue, it excites me. It’s compelling and well written and motivates me to try out some new music. The only problem is, much of the time, when I’ve tried some of the bands that have appeared in the issues, I just don’t… love it. Or it’s so… out there, so experimental, to the point that I would scarcely even call it ‘music’. I guess they But hey! Each to there own! I never did understand these kids and their tunes. Liz loves this magazine, I don’t know why she didn’t write this piece. Oh well. Maybe next time!


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