Vampire: The Masquerade – Walk Among Us Audiobook Collection from Harper Collins Release

"I have nothing funny to say"
“I have nothing funny to say”

Good evening friends,

Are you, like me, eagerly awaiting the upcoming Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2? Perhaps you’re excited for the soon to be released console versions of Coteries of New York? Or maybe you’re just a fan of the Masquerade’s long history of novels and fiction? It doesn’t matter what group you fall into, this is likely something that will interest you (hey, you clicked on this page, didn’t you?)!

Walk Among Us is a new, upcoming collection of three, you heard me, THREE audiobook novellas, set in the Vampire-centric World of Darkness. In my younger days, I used to be a fairly big fan of the Masquerade novels. Even when they weren’t particularly great (as Julia constantly tells me), they were still fun. They certainly added a lot to the lore and general sense of immersion when it came to actually playing the video game… or y’know that tabletop RPG that started it all!

As I previously mentioned, this collection contains THREE stories; ‘A SHEEP AMONG WOLVES’ written by Genevieve Gornichec and read by Erika Ishii, ‘FINE PRINT’ written by Cassandra Khaw (which totally sounds like a Vampire name, by the way!) and read by Neil Kaplan and finally ‘LAND OF MILK AND HONEY’ written by Caitlin Starling and read by Xe Sands.

The collection will be released on the 16th of June (Agggrhhh, more waiting), 2020 and can be purchased direct from the Harper Collins website for $26.99 USD.

Until next time, this is your buddy in Darkness,

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