Merry Christmas and Welcome Back to the Lonely Outlet

Merry Christmas from the Lonely Outlet

Good evening dear friends, I hope that everyone out there is safe and well. What a terrible, crazy year it’s been! It’s not been a great year for us here in Durénnmørk. After a short reprieve, we went back into a rather severe lockdown, where we remained for the rest of the year. Not that I’m really complaining – relatively speaking, we’ve had very few cases and deaths due to COVID-19 and you can’t put a price on human life. Admittedly, our town is very small and attracts few travellers, but still, when comparing to other, similar areas, we’ve faired very well. The lockdown worked. Of course, this has put a strain on relationships and people’s mental states. People have felt scared, helpless and even more isolated than usual. We recently also had an unexpected death in the family… what a way to end an awful year. My heart goes out to everyone who has experienced any sort of hardship in 2020 – there is little that I can say which will make things better, but just know that I do understand, and I am here for you. I mean that.

As a result of everything, we had to, as you’ve probably noticed if were, or are a faithful LO reader, take an extended break from the website. The magazine rolls on, but translation, original content and up to the minute news has been harder to produce. I’m certainly not happy about it though. I was hoping to keep the Online Outlet in full swing during everything, perhaps to offer some sort of distraction to those experiencing hard times. But, alas dear reader, this year has not turned out how anyone wanted it. When there are people out there dying, it seems like such a pointless, trivial thing to worry about a silly website.

With all this being said, let us look away from the past and to the future. We have some big things cooking away from next year. Aside from the official English magazine launch, there’s also a plethora of new content we have planned, and even some new video content. I don’t want to over-promise as I have in the past, so I think needless to say that a lot of this will depend on the circumstances, but one way or another, we will be getting some new content out for you all in the new year.

As always, our lines are open – – if you want to get in touch for any reason, be it to request specific content and reviews, or just to talk, feel free to do so! I’m always here.

I hope that, wherever you are and whatever position you’re in, you can still take the time to enjoy the holidays and forget about everything else, even if just for a moment.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and here’s hoping for a brighter New Year!

Kind Regards from,


And all of us here at the Lonely Outlet

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