The Delay, the Return and the Commitment.

Dear friends,
It has been some time, more than a year in fact, since my last post. In that message, I briefly discussed the difficulties of 2020, as well as a few plans for 2021. Of course, this past year proved just as difficult, if not more so (for some) than the previous. Plans were not acted upon, time was not well spent and as a result, nothing was posted to the Outlet during that whole period.

But things are about to change. And I mean it this time. I will not state any “plans”, or grand schemes (though believe me, there are plenty of those too). Nor will I provide any explanations or excuses for our absence. I will simply say this – 2022 is a new year and with that comes a renewed commitment. To you, our dear readers, and to the magazine. I will ensure that there is at least one post, pretty much every single day (or at least week). I won’t promise every day, because let’s face it, things do come up, and it would be unrealistic to say otherwise. Posts from our beloved and loyal staff will resume, much as they did during the website’s inception. But should certain content not be ready, leaving nothing to post (the inner-workings of a magazine are quite different to that of a daily news site, after all), I will endeavour to still put up something. Even just a short editorial, or cartoon, or update. Maybe my shopping list (apparently stuff like that is surprisingly popular)? I will get it done.
That is my pledge to you. My commitment. Please allow a bit of time as we get things sorted and organized. But things will be moving very soon.

And in turn, we will produce the first English language edition of the print magazine. It will happen. And we hope that you enjoy the whole experience.
Through ups and downs, good times and bad, the Lonely Outlet is here to stay. And boy do we have a lot to say…

Until tomorrow, my friends.


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