Joel Schumacher Talks Lost (Abandoned) ‘Lost Boys’ Spinoff ‘Lost Girls’

"It's also fun to watch sexy movies about vampire biker chicks!"
“It’s also fun to watch sexy movies about vampire biker chicks!”

How many times can you slip the word ‘lost’ into a post title, before it becomes annoying? I suspect 27. Before those godawful Lost Boys sequels (hey, Core Feldman’s gotta eat!), original director Joel Schumacher was in talks with Warner Bros to do a ‘Lost Girls’ spinoff. He didn’t feel that a sequel was appropriate, there was no more story to tell. But perhaps a female spinoff because “I thought girl vampires on motorcycles would be sexy and funny and something that I’d like to see.” Hey, he’s not wrong! It’s something I’d like to see as well (with that being said, there’s probably a metric tonne of those sorts of films out there – it’s just a matter of tracking them down)! Schumacher says that he wanted Drew Barrymore and Rosanna Arquette to star. That’s a movie I would watch. It can still happen… No?

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Julia Capelli
Julia Capelli
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