IF IT BLEEDS – New Stephen King Book Releasing in April

If It Bleeds
“Whoa! There’s a RAT in there!”

Originally slated for the 5th of May, Stephen King’s new collection of four novellas, is now releasing a week early! For everyone! Not just Europeans and Australians!* Not a significant change in date, but hey, in these strange, dark, self-isolating times, a new book is a big thing! I’m certainly looking forward to the new King release, how about you? “If It Bleeds is a uniquely satisfying collection of longer short fiction.” So says the official Stephen King Website.

It contains the stories: ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’, ‘The Life of Chuck’, ‘Rat’ and the titular ‘If It Bleeds’. Here’s hoping the collection has some winners, akin to ‘Different Seasons’…
Y’know, that cover reminds me a lot of the King tale ‘The Cat from Hell’ – which I primarily remember from the Tales from the Darkside: The Movie. That last sentence was actually just a ploy to see how many ‘the’s I could fit in there. That film, despite not being great, creeped me out quite a bit when I first saw it. Oh, King and Romero, the great horror collaborators!

I’ll be quiet now.

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* Editor’s note: This is a rather silly reference to the recent release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. For those not in the know, Australia and parts of Europe received the game (physically) one week early (from its ‘official’ release date of April 10), so as to ensure that “everyone” could get the game on time… – Lorenzo

Julia Capelli
Julia Capelli
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