RUMOUR: Super Mario Remastered Collection Coming + Paper Mario

Super Mario Remastered
“He doesn’t look a day over 35!”

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I love Mario. Everyone loves Mario. Even people who don’t game love Mario! He’s become almost as iconic as Mickey Mouse, and his 35th birthday is coming up. As part of the celebration, it’s rumoured that Nintendo will be releasing a couple of different releases, suited to whatever style you’re into! First up, a possible collection containing remastered versions of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Switch! Wow. I need this collection in my life! Don’t you?!

Mario 64 was a huge game for me… So was Galaxy for that matter, and I’ve never actually played Sunshine! So if this rumour is true, I can finally give it a go, as well as revisit some of my favourite Mario titles (heck – I still have my GameCube… and Wii. I could just play Sunshine now. I think Wil has a copy)… When I was younger, I could spend both figurative and literal hours upon hours, just in Peach’s castles alone (in 64)! Oh those relatively happy, care-free times. What I wouldn’t give to return to that period…

Additionally, there may also be a ‘deluxe’ version of Super Mario 3D World, and a new Paper Mario, which will “return to that franchise’s roots”. Big news if you’re a Paper Mario fan! While I’m personally more interested in the potential remasters, I’m sure there are many (other Lonely Outlet staff included) who are really excited about the prospect of a new Paper Mario.
A number of news sites have now reported on this and cited different sources, so there may actually be some truth to this rumour… Here’s hoping! I guess we’ll find out sometime later in the year. Until then, keep your expectations in check – this is just a rumour, after all.

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