“I Am Totally Jelly of Kids in Japan.” JARGA Giving Away 100 SNES Consoles to Children at Home

[Editor’s Note: I “totally” hate the title of this post. Liz, please refrain from doing this sort of thing again. Regards from your ‘fellow kid’ – Lorenzo]

So, the Japanese Retro Game Association is (or has – I’m posting this later than I intended… but who cares! It’s FUN NEWS!) providing 100 kids in Japan with sanitised (of course) Super Nintendo consoles, with all required cables and adapters, as well as one controller and two games (Donkey Kong Country and Final Fantasy VI). Pretty darn cool! I really need to buy myself an SNES, instead of always borrowing other staff members’. Too bad we don’t have a Durénnmørk Retro Game Association – then they could provide me with some free consoles and games. This initiative is meant to help children (under the age of 16) who are stuck at home during this tough period. Good stuff.

JARGA is a non-profit organisation focusing on the preservation and education on the history of video games and consoles in Japan.

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I hope you guys have a great week! If you can, go play some SNES, it’s still such a fun console.


Liz Aarland
Liz Aarland

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