Disaster Report 4 Demo Available for PS4 and Switch.

"Where's Rudolf when you need him?"
“Where’s Rudolf when you need him?”

I have never actually played any of the Disaster Report titles. In the past, they haven’t really appealed to me all that much, and being a relatively niche series, I don’t think they’ve ever received a retail release in Durénnmørk. But, number four is coming out soon and I feel as though it’s my duty to give everything a chance. And actually, this entry looks pretty cool too! Perhaps my perception of what Disaster Report was, was a little bit skewed, but this looks like it focuses a lot on the stories and characters involved in the ‘disasters’ (as opposed to you just surviving). I like that. Also, the latter half of the recent trailer seems surprisingly more… light hearted than I expected. I mean, sure, there’s still the more serious stuff at the beginning, but after about 1:10, where they start talking about the DLC costumes, it’s like “is this even the same game?” I don’t know (of course, I actually do know…). I’m interested in finding out!

In any case, the demo for the game has been released on PlayStation 4 and Switch, with one coming later for PC. The game releases on April 7, assuming all goes well.


Adrian Treeble
Adrian Treeble

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