Evelyn Wane – the Bottleneck

Basically, I look like an old, mean librarian…

Well, that was embarrassing… Shortly after our “updated” posting schedule, we fell into radio silence. I want to apologise to all of our readers for the recent delays. Generally speaking, when there are issues with getting our content out, it’s my fault. I am the only translator, so if something comes up in my life, which takes me away from my Lonely Outlet duties, the whole enterprise suffers. I shan’t bother you all of the various excuses that I could espouse. I shall simply say this: I really am sorry, and will endeavour to keep things running smoothly. There likely will be times here and there, where articles are postponed, or held-up, but please stick with us. We are all working hard to build something that you can enjoy. We appreciate your support. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Evelyn Wane
Evelyn Wane

NOTE: From now on, if any delays, or issues do occur, we will keep you updated on the official Lonely Outlet Twitter account. If you’re interested, please consider following. Thanks.

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