What are we Listening to this Week? (2022-02-03)

What? We weren't listening to Devo? At all?
Despite the image… We didn’t listen to Devo at all this week! Freedom of Choice?

Hey gang! We hope things have going well for you. Despite the return to relative normality (at least here in Durennmork), things are still a bit crazy. So what better way to escape and forget your worries for a while, than with a little music? Here’s a selection of albums that each LO staff member has been checking out this week! Maybe you’d care to try some out and listen along, as we continue to prepare content for the site?

Lorenzo: ‘Conspiracy of One’ by The Offspring

Julia: ‘The Essential Leonard Cohen’ by Leonard Cohen

Dave: ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ by Pink Floyd

Wil: ‘Human. :II: Nature.’ By Nightwish

Liz: ‘Walking Away From the Dream’ by Hannah Telle

Adrian: ‘Bad Mode’ by Hikaru Utada

Evelyn: ‘Symphony in C Major’ by Richard Wagner

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