DIE KITTY DIE: STARSTRUCK Campaign Released on Kickstarter

"Eyes Up Here!"
“Eyes Up Here!”

Disclaimer: I have also backed the previous three ‘DIE KITTY DIE’ campaigns on Kickstarter

Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz, probably best known for their work on Archie Comics are back at it again. Kitty Ravencraft returns for more sexy, satirical comic adventures… BUT THIS TIME IN SPAAAACE (say this, as though you were trapped in the R-ZONE)! If you’ve never read a DKD comic before, it’s basically a fourth-wall breaking parody of Sabrina the Teenage Witch (and Archie Comics in general), with a very heavy focus on satirising, or poking fun at the comics industry. The books are simple and funny with a surprising amount of cheesecake! If you’ve ever had… dreams about the Archie girls, this may well be the comic for you. Haha. The art closely follows the general Archie style (at least until they went all… CW), so if that’s your jam, check out the campaign on Kickstarter!


Liz Aarland
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