Goulet Pens Are Now an Authorised Sailor Retailer

Sailor Pens

If you’re a fan of fountain pens, there’s a good likelihood that you know of the Japanese brand Sailor. There’s probably an even greater chance that you know about American online pen retailer, Goulet Pens, perhaps one of the most loved online pen stores in America, if not the world. Goulet have made their mark by offering great and personalised service, not to mention the bevy of introductory and instructional fountain pen videos on Youtube.

For some time now, Goulet has not offered any Sailor pens (they did, at one point, but stopped due to a disagreement, or something), so it’s rather big news that they are finally selling their pens once more! Personally, I’m a fan of the Sailor Pro Gear Line… I want to be a fan of the KING of Pen, but I think the price kind of doesn’t allow me to. One day…

In any case, if you’re a Goulet loyalist, or perhaps if you’ve never used a fountain pen before, consider checking out the Sailor line at Goulet Pens! [author’s note: I should add that if you’re a newcomer to fountain pens, I probably wouldn’t advise starting off with a Sailor, but hey, the choice is ultimately yours – and your wallets!]



Liz Aarland
Liz Aarland
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