BUST-A-MOVE Returns to Arcades With BUST-A-MOVE FRENZY

"Puzzle Bobble DDR! Now that's an idea!"
“Puzzle Bobble DDR! Now that’s an idea!”

Isn’t ‘Bust-a-Move’ a dancing game? Come on! BUSTAMOVE! DDR PARTY! Apparently not*. The game I always knew as ‘Puzzle Bobble’ is apparently known under a different name in North America. I guess because you… bust bubbles… with your move? Who cares. Bust-a-Move is returning to arcades with one of those weird light gun style arcade doohickeys. You know, the types that they’ve recently made for Space Invaders… Space Invaders Frenzy. I should have guessed.

Two player co-op, aim to shoot match-3 fun! I haven’t actually had the chance to try any of these ‘Frenzy’ machines out, but now I’m pretty interested! Perhaps once this whole corona thing settles down, I’ll pull myself out of this beanbag, drag myself out of the apartment and into ‘SpillenSpiel’, the local Arcade. Wish me luck.


* To make matters more confusing, ‘Bust-A-Move’ is the Japanese title of the ‘Bust a Groove’ series. Geez.

Adrian Treeble
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