PS5 Likely Backward Compatible with the Majority of PS4 Titles

I hope the PS5 can double as a trampoline!
“I hope the PS5 can double as a trampoline!”

In a recent update to the PlayStation Blog, it has been revealed that Sony believes ‘the overwhelming majority of the 4,000+ PS4 titles will be playable on PS5’. Good news for backwards compatibility fans, I suppose. I guess I was always hoping that the new PlayStation would be an ultra-box of retro fun. PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4! Who even needs PS5 compatibility? Just give me the oldies. Why not go the extra nautical mile and also play N64, GameCube and Xbox titles? This is something that Sony should do and I will not be pleased until it happens. Come on, it would be like the Retron, of the three-dimensional era! Who doesn’t want to play Donkey Kong 64, on a Playstation, whilst wearing a Microsoft hat?

I’ll be quiet now.

Julia Capelli

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