Every Day’s Great! Persona 4 Golden Out Now on Steam!

Persona 4, be it the original PS2 version, or the updated Golden is just about my favourite game of all time. At a point in my life, where I felt hopeless and ever so alone, that game was there for me. I loved everything about it, from the gameplay to the story, the setting and especially the characters. When I felt like I had no friends at all, the ‘Investigation Team’ felt like friends – real ones. While I think this says more about me and my sad, lonely life, there’s no doubt that Persona 4 is a fantastic game. One of the best. I’m planning on writing a new review for P4 soon, though knowing us, at the Lonely Outlet, who knows when it will actually be ready for publication.

For a long time, fans have wanted a rerelease of Persona 4. The original PS2 version is relatively rare and expensive now (however, there are still some deals to be had! Look the game up and don’t fall for the $500+ scalper prices), and the PS Vita – who the heck owns a Vita?! I say this as someone who owns and absolutely loves my Vita. The Nintendo Switch seems like the most natural (and requested) port for P4, but of course, PC is also great! Well, dear reader, our dreams have come true and Sega/Atlus have finally brought the game to Steam. Happy days indeed!

The game is in full HD, with a number of settings and includes both Japanese and English dubbing! Supposedly, it is completely unaltered (content-wise) from the Vita version too, so you don’t need to worry about censorship. The game is available in two versions – the Standard edition for $19.99 USD (just the game), or $24.99 USD for the Deluxe edition which also comes with a digital art book and soundtrack. So far, the Steam reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. The only issue worth noting is that the game makes use of Denuvo copy protection. Aside from the usual negatives of DRM, Denuvo has also been known to cause various performance issues, which some users have experienced. This includes choppy cutscenes/animations and crashes. I haven’t had the chance to try it for myself yet, but if you’re dead against Denuvo, you may want to steer clear, until Sega eventually removes it (which they have done for previous Steam releases).

I love (and prefer) the ‘Golden’ update of Persona 4, however I do know that there are a few people who favour the PS2 original. Perhaps worth looking into, if you’re interested… Or ask a question in the comments! We’re always happy to help and we respond to every comment.

Are you interested in Persona 4 Golden on Steam? I would love to know!

Persona 4 Golden Steam Page.

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Adrian Treeble
Adrian Treeble
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