Tune in to David Lynch’s Weather Report Revival – Now on YouTube!

David Lynch Weather Report
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From 2005-2010 [1], artist and filmmaker David Lynch presented a daily L.A. weather report for subscribers to his website (in video form) [2], and for listeners of radio station Indie 103.1 [3]. Unlike our weather reports (which have next to nothing to do with the weather), Lynch’s are surprisingly straight-laced. “Here in L.A. beautiful blue skies… Some puffy white clouds, golden sunshine, a slight breeze. 55 degrees Fahrenheit, 13 degrees Celsius.” He states in the April 17th, 2006 video [4].

After ten years of Los Angeles residents not knowing what the weather was like, the ol’ ‘ten gallon cowboy’ [5] himself* has returned to the web-waves to inform us of the weather, outside his studio[6]. EVERY SINGLE DAY! And it must be said, despite the rather mundane subject matter, the videos are surprisingly entertaining. Surprisingly calming. And just a little bit odd. Ultimately, it’s Lynch being Lynch. What more could you want? Yes. That’s right. Another movie, or another season of Twin Peaks.

* I coined this nickname… let’s make it stick!

Good night,

Dave Capelli
Dave Capelli


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