Lonely News Roundup 2020-05-20

A quick, concise report on this day in pop culture news, by your favourite Lonely Outlet staff members!


Epic Game StoreEpic Games Introduces a Bunch of Great New Policies

These include a 14 day/2 hour refund window, “keyless” purchases for Epic Store games from some third party sellers, a greater range of accepted currencies and MORE! Sounds great! I’m personally still not a great ‘EGS’ fan (I’m more of a GOG guy), but this is certainly a few steps in the right direction.



        Persona 4 - Dojima Fragrance WTH? Persona Themed Fragrances?!

Yes, you heard me correctly! Atlus is (once again, apparently) teaming up with Primaniacs to create some “fragrances”, or “perfumes” based around Persona 3 Portable, 4 and 5 Royal! What… No Marie Scent from P4 Golden? Ha ha ha.

You got some smells inspired by P3P’s FeMC, P5R’s Violet, P4’s Nanako, and my personal favourite, Ryotaro Dojima! For those of you who want to smell like cigarette smoke, but can’t bring yourself to take that real first puff. I think I know what I’m getting Adrian for Christmas…

Each bottle is around 50 USD or so, direct from the Primaniacs Online Shop (they also have various other Persona and game/anime related fragrances available).



Gwent on SteamGWENT: The Witcher Card Game Now on Steam

Title says it all. Seems rather pointless, considering you need to sign into a GOG account in order to play (yes, even on Steam)! But hey, I guess if it attracts more people, then that’s a good thing.



Mafia Trilogy RemasteredMafia 2 and 3 Remasters available NOW

You can play these remastered versions of the great Mafia series right now, on both PC and consoles – but here’s the slight catch – if you’ve preordered the Trilogy (coming August 28)… OR if you already own the original versions of the two games. Sweet.



Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive EditionXenoblade Chronicles – Definitive Edition Has at Least 10 Extra Hours’ Worth of Content

One for each year, since the original’s release?

According to our buds at Famitsu and Gematsu and all the other ‘tsu’s*, XC Definitive ‘s new scenario ‘Future Connected’ provides roughly 10 to 12 hours of additional content (even more if you include side quests)! This is one I’m definitely looking forward to.



ZORCH! Chest Quest HDChex Quest HD Out Now (for FREE) on Steam

We never had Chex here in Durénnmørk. And that made me… quite sad. In fact, we never had Lucky Charms, Count Chocula, Cap’n Crunch, or any of those sweet, colourful American cereals. We had puffed wheat.

But, I guess I can now at least enjoy some Chex-shooter magic with the new HD version of Chex Quest! It’s free-to-play on Steam, with both the original ‘campaign’ and multiplayer. Now if only they’d bring update “Cap’n’s Crunchy Caper”, or “Chocula’s Haunted House”. I would pay for those!


Steam Page.


Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright, Nira Park and Friends Form New Production Company – Working With Netflix

‘Complete Fiction’ is the new company from Right, Park, as well as Joe Cornish and Rachael Prior, with a number of projects already in the works. Their first Netflix series in development is “Lockwood & Co” a paranormal detective series, based on the novels by Jonathan Stroud, but they have a number of others too. Check out IndieWire for more.



Ruby Rose as Batwoman

Farewell Ruby Rose. Batwoman Being Recast

What I am a fan of: The Batwoman   comics from Greg Rucka and J. H. Williams III. What (or who) I am not a fan of is Ruby Rose. Never been a fan. Never had much interest in the recent CW Batwoman show. Well, it looks like Rose is leaving the show (for reasons unspecified) and the character will be recast for the next season. Maybe I’ll check it out…



Stephen King & Joe Hill

‘Throttle’ from Stephen King and Joe Hill Being Adapted by HBO Max

King and his son Hill are pretty cool dudes. Their story ‘Throttle’ is also pretty cool. The HBO Max film adaption could be… pretty cool. But it’s in very early stages of development, so naturally, details are scant. Something to keep an eye on.



Under the Skin Book

Under the Skin TV Series Could be in Production

Remember Under the Skin? No, not the (actually, really good) film by Jonathan Glazer, starring Scarlett Johansson. The book by Michel Faber! That was an interesting book! While I wouldn’t call it a favourite, it was certainly a memorable and thought provoking read. The movie was not a completely faithful adaption, but I think it was, in many ways, very successful. A TV series from Silver Reel may be in the works, but like the HBO Max adaption of Throttle (see above), it’s such early days, that nothing is known yet. More to come.



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